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sept 21 Notes

sept 21 Notes - to become swayed by transistent demands •...

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Evolution of European Consolidation o NATO o European Community Banded together so the country could promote economic growth o European Union Who were the Framers? o 31 college graduates o 2 had been college presidents o 3 had been college professors o 5 were under 30 o 1/3 were under 45 o Only 4 were over 60 o 34 were lawyers Important principles o 1. National Supremacy Power to tax 2. Federalism 3. Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances 4. Republican Form of Government The U.S. Constitution 1. What makes a political system a democracy? 2. Some historical background to the U.S. Constitution. New Jersey-Virginia compromise – the creation of a house and senate 3/5ths compromise – slaves or noncitizens were counted as 3/5 ths of a person Antifederalists favored closer representation Federalists favored representatives who were more likely to see the long term good than
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Unformatted text preview: to become swayed by transistent demands • Federalism is a governmental decision in which authority is divided between two sovereign levels of government national and regional. • McCulloch V. Maryland – McMulloch was Cashier of bank, 1818 Maryland tried to impose taxes on the bank. Supreme court decided U.S. can form its own bank but cannot tax a private bank • Civil War – 14 th amendment. Section 1 Constitution – I. Legislative Powers II. Executive Powers III. Judicial Powers IV. Relations between states a. Full faith and credit b. Privileges and immunities c. Rules for new states d. Every state required to have republican form of government V. Amendment process VI. General provisions, supremacy a. Payment of debts...
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sept 21 Notes - to become swayed by transistent demands •...

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