sept 21,23 Notes

sept 21,23 Notes - Evolution of European Consolidation o...

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Evolution of European Consolidation o NATO o European Community Banded together so the country could promote economic growth o European Union Who were the Framers? o 31 college graduates o 2 had been college presidents o 3 had been college professors o 5 were under 30 o 1/3 were under 45 o Only 4 were over 60 o 34 were lawyers Important principles o 1. National Supremacy Power to tax 2. Federalism 3. Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances 4. Republican Form of Government The U.S. Constitution 1. What makes a political system a democracy? 2. Some historical background to the U.S. Constitution. New Jersey-Virginia compromise – the creation of a house and senate 3/5ths compromise – slaves or noncitizens were counted as 3/5 ths of a person Antifederalists favored closer representation Federalists favored representatives who were more likely to see the long term good than to become swayed by transistent demands Federalism is a governmental decision in which authority is divided between two sovereign levels of government national and regional. McCulloch V. Maryland – McMulloch was Cashier of bank, 1818 Maryland tried to impose taxes on the bank. Supreme court decided U.S. can form its own bank but cannot tax a private bank Civil War – 14 th amendment. Section 1 Constitution – I. Legislative Powers II. Executive Powers
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III. Judicial Powers IV. Relations between states
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sept 21,23 Notes - Evolution of European Consolidation o...

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