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Lecture #20: Dynamic Representation: Does Government Respond to Public Opinion? The Electoral Connection o Public Opinion Elections Member Votes Public Opinion o Assumption that we can measure what people do and don’t want government to do o Also assume that all debates can be classified into one big debate about the size of the government The Election Link o What we know about public opinion and elections: Senate and Presidential elections are highly responsive to public opinion House isn’t particularly affected by public opinion What we should see then o Public opinion will be related to election outcomes o Election outcomes will be related to policy making o Public opinion will be related to policy making while controlling the effect of
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Unformatted text preview: elections House o Very strong connection with public opinion and policy making even though House elections do not respond very much to public opinion Senate o Public opinion has a very strong effect on elections, but no direct effect at all on policy Presidency o Public opinion has a strong effect on elections, and also has an effect on policy Supreme Court o Not supposed to represent public opinion o Does slightly, due to shared power with the Executive Branch Conclusions o All four institutions are remarkably responsive to changes in opinion o Senate through elections, House through anticipation o Fast timing as well, makes adjustments quickly...
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