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Norms o How to organize 435 people? Set of norms to regulate behavior, depress conflict, and achieve everybody’s goal of influence o Seniority norm Avoids divisive conflict over positions If you pick people by ‘merit,’ ends up being by politics o Debate Remarks are always to the chair, not to one another Avoids antagonism of back and forth debate o Deference Non use of names Senator from ---, Senior Senator from --- o Institutional Patriotism Except when back in the district o Respect for Committees Influence has to be mutual, if your committee wants it, give it to others o Restrained Partisanship o Specialization Develop knowledge on special matters and speak to them only o Restrain Speaking Senate only, since they’re allowed to talk as long as they want o Most norms are constant, but some such as restrained partisanship are fading
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Unformatted text preview: The past decade has been increasingly partisan, increasingly ideological, increasingly nasty • Debate o House regulated into “Rules” and set specific amounts of time o Special Orders Member or group of members can ask to speak after normal business is concluded Gives them an opportunity to give a speech that will be printed in the Congressional Record Many junior members used this to get noticed They can look like they’re addressing some important issue and have it reprinted in newspapers and shown on the local news • Actually addressing empty chamber with staff and maybe family in the gallery Can get pretty nasty and partisan...
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