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sort of people run for Congress

sort of people run for Congress - who hasn’t been through...

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sort of people run for Congress? o Huge cost of running an election, as you’ll receive no income for 1-2 years o Members can’t live on congressional salary Have to maintain two households, one in district, one in DC Have to travel a lot more than travel allowance allows Associate with people in DC who maintain expensive lifestyles o Lawyers, but not from big city firms Able to tell their partners to not worry about them for a few years, they’ll be back when their term is over o Business people, but no Wall Street Executives, so mostly small business owners o Must have enough talent to win, and enough ambition to put up with it o No insiders in any national elite Summary of ‘Congressional Type’ o Smart o Ambitious o Confident o Entrepreneurial o Risk takers o Individualist o Mistrustful Of career bureaucrats, of national elites, power people, and of everyone
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Unformatted text preview: who hasn’t been through the grind of an election • Often form close relationships with other members, even across party lines because they’ve been through the same grind Lecture #15 – Congressional Elections • Why do seats look safe to us and not them? o One election isn’t a career o To have a career and the influence that goes with it, need several elections in a row o The more elections you win, the probability of winning again goes down with each successive time o Some things are uncontrollable by the candidate Party surges Redistricting Constituency and Washington careers o They know it’s possible to beat an incumbent For them to be in that seat in the first place, they probably had to beat an incumbent...
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