Feb 24 - 1 Week 1 a What is war Why does it occur a.i...

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1. Week 1 a. What is war? Why does it occur? a.i. International Bargaining a.i.1. Need 2 or more so you have someone to bargain with a.i.2. Issue(s) a.i.3. Negotiating over something, territory, policy, etc. a.i.3.a. An agreement reached that can be of value to both sides a.ii. Cooperative Bargaining a.iii. Logical political action b. Iraq b.i. Not just stability we have some political objectives as well there. c. Afghanistan c.i. Trying to make Taliban really small. c.ii. We are in fact trading troops and task forces for this c.iii. US government needs to gain trust of citizens before we can leave without there being more problems. c.iv. If we leave there would be a civil war, thus the people need to trust each other. c.iv.1. Working to build that trust through creating a way for people to interavt which builds trust d. Korean War d.i. Model It d.i.1. North Korea, South Korea, d.i.1.a. Potential third party United States, China, UN d.i.2. Ideal points are complete control over Korea for north,
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Feb 24 - 1 Week 1 a What is war Why does it occur a.i...

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