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Jan 27 - By satisfied it means that the country is not...

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1) Power Transition Theory a) Dynamics of change a.i) How do structures change when smallwe countries advance past their previous leaders 2) Power Triangle a) Dominant a.i) US b) Great b.i)China, Russia, Japan, UK, Germany c) Middle c.i) France, Italy, Brazil, India d) Small d.i)Everyone else 3) Satisfied vs. Dissatisfied a) Satisfied a.i) US- Status Quo a.ii) UK, Japan, Germany, France, b) Dissatisfied b.i)China, Russia c) Fence Riders c.i) Brazil, India d)
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Unformatted text preview: By satisfied it means that the country is not looking to change the status quo 4) Power: a) Population b) Economic Growth c) Political Capacity 5) Alliances a) Alliance of Convenience a.i) U.S. /USSR alliance during WWII a.ii) Because of a need to band together to defeat a common enemy b) Long term Stabalizers b.i)Good Relationships which were formed in times of peace not necessity 6) Parity a)...
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