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Jan. 20 - b) Example b.i)The Versailles Settlement b.ii)...

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Power, Institutions, and Order 1) 3 sources of order 2) Hegemony 3) Balance of Order – the idea that smaller states will band together to balance the power of one against the power of others a) Characteristics a.i) Power (a.i.1) Is a relationship (a.i.2) Comes from: (a.i.2.a) Money (a.i.2.b) Respect (a.i.2.c) Military (a.i.2.d) Ability to use resources (a.i.3) Population, territory, size – 3 ways to balance power in the economic system b) Example b.i)19 th century system coming from the congress of Vienna b.ii) Napoleonic War b.iii) Balance of Power Creates a European Order (b.iii.1) State systems in which the power of each state balances the power of others (b.iii.2) No single state able to defeat another (b.iii.3) Small states sacrificed to balance (b.iii.4) As a consequence, everyone felt secure (Stable order in Europe until 1914) c) Extension 4) Constitutionalism a) Characteristics a.i) Power in the constitution a.ii) Institutions about rules
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Unformatted text preview: b) Example b.i)The Versailles Settlement b.ii) End of the first WW b.iii) The league of Nations (b.iii.1) Organizing national politics on something other than balance of power under Wilson (b.iii.2) National Self-determination (b.iii.2.a) People get to live wherever; Versailles creates smaller countries to give the people a political system which reflects their desires. (b.iii.3) Collective Security (b.iii.3.a) Collective Security: Commitment by all to resist aggression by any against any at any time (b.iii.3.b) All countries must sent troops (b.iii.3.c) The point is to deter War (b.iii.3.c.i) If all countries always resist c) Criticism c.i) Treaty of Versailles (c.i.1) If one country was attacked then all others were drawn in, big war. (c.i.2) Absolutely no balance of power in central Europe which gave power to outer countries (c.i.3)...
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Jan. 20 - b) Example b.i)The Versailles Settlement b.ii)...

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