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1) IN ethnic wars there must be a winner, the one who is in control of the territory in dispute. a) Control of territory is one of the few assurances of winning b) War cannot be ended until physical separation of disputing parties c) critical features of Ethnic Wars are that ideological loyalties are changeable and difficult to assess, and the same population serves as the shared mobilization base for both sides c.i) Winning the people is necessary for success d) Identity in Ethnic Wars is not an issue because the identity is based on birth d.i)Ideology wars are nothing in comparison to Ethnic because ideology can be changed whereas ethnicity cannot d.ii) cross-ethnic appeals are not likely to attract members of the other group d.iii) Ethnic wars shrink the gray area (d.iii.1) Extremists may impose sanctions to make you an ally or enemy (d.iii.2) identity is often imposed by the opposing group, specifically by its most murderous members d.iv) Security is a major problem, people are extremely aligned with group
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