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Recitation Feb 3 - i.ii India – Rising power j Australia...

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1. Regions a. North America a.i. United States a.ii. No Rising Challenger b. South America b.i. Brazil c. Central America/Carribean c.i. Brazil c.ii. Venezuela /Chile/Argentina d. Western Europe d.i. England d.ii. Germany e. Eastern Europe e.i. Russia f. Africa f.i. South Africa g. Middle East g.i. Saudi Arabia g.ii. Israel/ Iran /Egypt – Rising Power h. Pacific Islands h.i. Japan i. West Asia i.i. China
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Unformatted text preview: i.ii. India – Rising power j. Australia, New Zealand j.i. Australia k. Bold = not satisfied 2. Global Power a. United States 3. Tammen a. Asia b. West c. Middle East/North Africa d. Russia/European Union/Central America e. Would say the highest level of conflict is in… e.i. The Middle East, e.ii. Russia...
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