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Recitation Notes Jan. 20 - Haiti 1) The people can deal...

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Haiti 1) The people can deal with the disorder because they have already been dealing with chaos since the shock is not as great as compared to the normal conditions versus Katrina in which the loss of order was catastrophic 2) People are generally very welcoming in Haiti 3) Bible verses on some of the rifles of soldiers going into Haiti, a private contractor is putting these verses on it. Possible PR nightmare. “Trying to prove that US is not a crusader but that we are simply trying to est. order” this could throw a kink in Iraqi and Iranian war. Trying to get away from strictly religious view that has been put on the war and our foreign relations. Major election in Chile 1) First center-right candidate to win a presidential election. He has a PhD from Harvard. 2) Previous leader was in charge for 18 years, center left passed 5 elections Chapter 2 1) Balance of Power a) Hegemon – one powerful state that has the ability to influence others b) Try to create alliances of smaller weaker states so they basically can balance out power of
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