Respose Essay 6

Respose Essay 6 - 1 Actors a America b China 2 Strategies a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Actors a. America b. China 2. Strategies a. China – get away with the best economy possible. To do this they plan to restrict trade and only foreign products when a domestic substitute cannot be found b. America – Have China trade with the rest of the world. Not restrict their exports because that hurts our economy. We are not prepared to sustain without trade 3. Outcomes a. China and America work things out where major trade restrictions are revoked b. China enhances restrictions and America gets even less than before the dispute c. America bullies China and gets more than before the dispute d. War over trade 4. Preferences a. China (according to letters from outcome section) a.i. B, A, C, D b. America b.i. C, A, B, D 5. Bargaining over a. They are bargaining over resources in China and whether or not China will trade with the rest of the world or instead use only domestic stuff in hopes of preserving the economy The implications of this model are that the entire trade balance could be thrown off because of a...
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