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Test #1 Review

Test #1 Review - Test#1 Reviw POLI 150 Anarchy o The...

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Test #1 Reviw – POLI 150 Anarchy o The absence of organization in international politics o Order is up for grabs by Sovereign states o In an anarchic system, states practice self help Do what is necessary to ensure your own safety and survival o Example: Gang violence in LA States have little incentive to engage in productive behavior towards each other Order o A clear governance structure is in place o Security of the 6 P’s Persons, property, promises Each on the state and national level (public and private spheres) o Order produces increased cooperation between states o Problems of Order We need it Not easy to create order in an anarchic system Most often created and sustained by a hegemon Problem becomes the hegemonic power itself o A strong authority is necessary to make an order, but with that power comes a threat to others o Who will police the police? o Hegemons need to transform their power into legitimate authority Realists o Claim states overall goal is survival o Believe nations follow a self help system o Everything is about relative power o Zero Sum If I win, you lose Liberalists o People who argue that cooperation between states is possible o Interaction between states can be positive sum o Sometimes called Institutionalists Commonly try to mediate and encourage cooperation among states Difference between a Nation and a State o Nation Group of people with same culture etc
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