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Test #2 Review

Test #2 Review - POLI 150 Test#2 Review Bargaining o Two or...

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POLI 150 – Test #2 Review Bargaining o Two or more actors have a common interest in cooperation, but conflicting interests about how to cooperate o Must find an acceptable distribution of gains Bargaining Theory o Attempts to explain the rules of bargaining and understand why some people get what they get o Each side has an ideal point , reservation point (or walk away point) o A zone of agreement exists o Outside options , inside options , risk aversion What is war? o Armed conflict between two or more parties that results in 1000 or more casualties Forces must be organized o Violent/coercive bargaining process over how to allocate who gets what What do states fight over? o Territory Over 50% of wars are fought over territory Territory has value Natural resources, geographical advantages, historical/religious/social value o Policy A state’s policy may threaten the interests of another o Regime change Why is war puzzling? o Why rationally should we never see war? o People should be able to talk things out o Undermines stability o Ex. 1 st Gulf War Iraq wanted $42 billion to pay its debts US ended up spending %65 billion on the war effort Why does war occur? o Information asymmetries/incomplete information o Resolve capabilities What could/is a player willing to do? Communicating Resolve o How can a country reveal that they truly are resolved to act? Mobilize military Public statements Talk is cheap however because it is costless o Must communicate some sort of costly act to prove resolve Sending troops to Persian Gulf
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Audience Costs The American voter is an audience o Can’t back down on word/reputation o States end up attempting to communicate their resolve
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