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Test 1 short answer - Short Answer Grading Rubrics Question...

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Short Answer Grading Rubrics Question 1: What is order and why is it important? +5 for attempting an answer +1 for Ikenberry's definition of order ("governance structure" or something similar) +1 for Oatley's definition (6 P's) +1 for why it's important (security, allows mutually beneficial economic arrangements, etc.) +1 for public goods from order provided by hegemon +1 for general excellence/thoroughness (e.g. talking about the 3 varieties of order, providing relevant examples, etc.) Sample Answer "International order is defined by Ikenberry as a governance structure that organizes international the individual and international levels. International order is difficult to create and maintain, but it is necessary for security and stability in the international system. Without it, mutually beneficial relationships -- such as international economic arrangements -- are impossible and conflict is likely. (Note: so far this is an 8 point answer.) Ikenberry describes three possible sources of order: hegemonic, balance of power, and constitutional. Of these, empirical evidence and causal logic best supports the argument that order is created and maintained by a hegemonic power. The hegemon maintains order by providing global public goods such as security guarantees and freedom of the seas, which are nonexcludable and nonrival, and by creating institutions to restrain its own power and promote international cooperation and economic interdependence." Question 2 5 pt attempt at an answer
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Test 1 short answer - Short Answer Grading Rubrics Question...

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