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Voluntary essay 1

Voluntary essay 1 - Justan Reavis 714802332 If I were the...

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Justan Reavis 714802332 If I were the ruler of a hegemonic state I would initially use power to establish control then I would shift into a government that is ran by institutions. I feel that this is the best system because if I am just coming into power it is more than likely not a government ran the way that I would run it. Therefore it is necessary that I establish my own governing principles and establish order. For instance, in 1991 when the Soviet Union fell there were several states that were forced to create new leadership. These previous rulers had left the states in despair and it was necessary for the new leader to essentially establish the principles of freedom and democracy or another type of government. Implementation of new programs and the like were very complicated because the people knew nothing about this freedom from the thumb of the Soviet Union. There were several of these states that failed because the people did not understand opportunity costs or any of the other fundamentals of economics necessary for being successful.
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