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POLI 150 Response Essay #2 Justan Reavis Tammen defines power as the ability to impose on or persuade an opponent to comply with demands. I think this is a good definition of power because yes, it is able to gauge the influence one country has over another. Gauging influence is something that is extremely hard to do in our world because of an increased lack of trust among all nations. Sure there are several treaties and alliances but when it comes down to it we will find out just how serious these agreements are. In the case of World War II the USSR found out the hard way that Germany could not be trusted when Germany broke the alliance by invading the USSR. This may be my lack of trust in the global leaders but I feel that until the power and influence has been tested it is dumb to believe that these alliances will hold up. This goes even farther that when leadership of a country changes it is possible that the new leader will not be willing to follow through with previous bargains.
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