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Voluntary essay 3

Voluntary essay 3 - Justan Reavis In the years since 1996...

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Justan Reavis In the years since 1996 we have had several instances that have continued to wear at the relations between the United States and Middle-Eastern countries, some of them September 11 th , and President Bush’s War on Terror. Hudson makes a very good argument for what predicting what the future could potentially hold. I believe his final paragraph is the most important in the entire journal. He presents the two options for the United States leadership to go; one, it could be “a peaceful, stable and prosperous Middle East” or it could be one in which the leadership is hurtful to these foreign countries. Clearly by the facts in the final paragraph Hudson is leaning towards the United States attempting to impose rules too sharply. He presents facts about specific events in which Americans killed innocent Middle-Easterners. I feel that this idea is right on point when looking at the politics and relationships we have today. Because of the War on Terror the United States
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