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Justan Reavis Alex Parets POLI 150 3-2-10 The Iraq War: A lack of communication or a lack of credibility? I feel that the war is the direct result of a lack in credibility. The United States feared that they could not trust the Iraqi’s and the Iraqi’s feared that they couldn’t trust the United States. This stemmed back to Desert Storm and the total conflict is initiated by a personal conflict in my opinion. This conflict is the one between Saddam Hussein and George H.W. Bush. Whenever George W. Bush got the opportunity to potentially take out Hussein, a rival and foe of his fathers, he took it. This is highly likely because of all the evidence that George W. gave false estimates about the weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. This was clearly a ploy to initiate support in American’s hearts for a personally motivated ploy. While George W. must take a lot of the blame there are other factors in the causes of this war. The lack of trust between America and Iraq made bargaining nearly impossible.
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