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Voluntary Essay 5

Voluntary Essay 5 - Justan Reavis POLI 150 Alex Parets Can...

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Justan Reavis POLI 150 3-24-10 Alex Parets Can international institutions play an effective role as intervenor during conflict? Are they better able to effectively intervene in civil conflict, international conflict, neither or both? What role do international institutions play in remedying credible commitment and information problems during these types of conflicts? International institutions play the most effective role in civil conflict. They generally have a hard time intervening no matter the situation but it seems that in the international spectrum they struggle most. The civil conflict intervention is made easiest because the international institutions can easily pick a side or focus on one country. By this I mean if there is a civil war the United Nations is able to focus only on this country and the lines of separation or the ones that cause people to pick sides are generally ideological or something of the like. The civil wars are also must smaller than international wars.
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