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Justan Reavis Final Voluntary Essay 4-27-10 Discuss the role the hegemon plays in the international economic system? What specifically can/does the hegemon do to maintain economic order and openness? Is a hegemon needed to ensure an open and efficient international trading and financial order? The hegemon plays an immense role in international politics and the economic system. In my opinion, the most important aspects of a hegemon are that they practice strategic restraint and that the United States has made their role as a hegemon more transparent which I believe has been our major reason for remaining a hegemon. The role that we have taken on as a hegemon has become necessary because of the order that has created and the need for it to remain in existence. In the economic system the hegemon, The United States, takes on a role of being something of a policeman in international trade and can impose tariffs and such if a country is being unruly and not following through with commitments. The hegemon plays a major role in
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