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Marx study guide

Marx study guide - Marx study guide Idealists like hegel...

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Marx study guide Idealists like hegel believe people change history Marx says materialism changes history and people The spectre of revolution (pp. 157-176) 1. How is class struggle central to historical change? a. b/c each fight ends in a revolutionary reconstitution of society 2. How do the bourgeoisie and proletariat in capitalist society represent “simplification” of class struggle? a. Only two classes: owners and owned 3. How is the bourgeoisie a unique ruling class? a. Made everything business related b. Ended feudal, patriarchal idyllic relations c. In every development, there was a corresponding advantage 4. How has capitalism changed the basis of social relations? a. We are more self dependent as a country b. We always want change and advancement c. Draws all into civilization d. Makes everything emiserated e. For money 5. Why does the ruling class shrink, and the working class expand, under capitalism? a. b/c many people’s skill is rendered worthless by new methods of production and they sink to the proletariat class and b/c increase in industry 6. Why is the proletariat the “revolutionary class” in capitalist societies? a. b/c they are the workmen who are being replaced by technology b. their freedom guarantees everyone’s freedom and they will revolt 7. How is the proletariat a unique revolutionary class? a. b/c they are being replaced b. wages decrease and unions increase c. they are taken advantage of d. they need jobs e. they are the majority searching for the entire reform of present condition f. THEIR FREEDOM MEANS EVERYONES FREEDOM 8. How does a socialist society begin to secure the conditions in which “the free development of each is the… free development of all?” a. All things are governed by the state b. No individual property c. No oppression vs. oppressors The materialist conception of history (pp. 98-132, 209-213) 9. What is Marx’s criticism of Hegelian idealism? a. Hegel says God makes history b. Marx says labor makes history, history makes man, man makes god
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10. What is Marx’s criticism of Feuerbachian (or left-Hegelian) materialism? a. Same as Hegelian b. Resolves religious into human c. Used religion as basis and explanation of everything d. Does not comprehend sensuousness as practical human acti.
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Marx study guide - Marx study guide Idealists like hegel...

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