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Mill study guide - Mill study guide The meaning of...

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Mill study guide The meaning of happiness, or Socrates and the Pig (pp. 1-27) 1. What are the origins, achievements, philosophical assumptions, and historical transformations of the liberal tradition? a. Powerpoint 2. What is “utilitarianism,” and what are its fundamental theoretical assumptions? a. Pleasure w/out pain b. Greatest happiness principle 3. How is Mill’s utilitarianism different from Bentham’s? a. Bentham neglects some forms of pleasure beauty ornament amusement 4. How does Mill distinguish higher and lower pleasures? a. Quality and quantity b. The one desired by more unbiased scholarly people is greater pleasure c. All human pain is greater than all pleasure of beast d. Socrates vs pig 5. What are the conditions in which the greatest number of individuals can experience the highest forms of happiness? a. Nobleness of character 6. What is the role of competence in determining standards of utility? a. Wisdom lets u see greatest good for greastest number b. Experience 7. What is the utilitarian justification for protecting competence? a. Lets u see the good 8. What are the responsibilities of “the competent”? a. To teach others and realize good 9. 19 th century Liberty for social progress (pp. 69-123) 10. What does Mill mean by “liberty” a. Protection against tyranny of political rulers b. Pursuing one’s own good w/out harm to others 11. How is liberty related to social progress? a. Increase in both b. Directly related c. 3 types of liberty c.i. Conscience – liberty of thought/ opinion c.ii. Plannin ones life c.iii. Liberty to unite w/others 12. What are the most significant dangers to social progress? a. Tyranny of majority 13. Under what conditions is liberty socially progressive? a. When government is hands off in society b. When it lets you do/learn by yourself
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14. Under what conditions would liberty be antithetical to progress? a. When freedom of 1 obstructs another’s b. Tyranny of majority 15. What are the limits of liberty? a. Only when it is for self protection or children 16. What is Mill’s argument in defense of freedom of thought? a.
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Mill study guide - Mill study guide The meaning of...

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