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psych 101 paper - On my honor I have neither given nor...

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On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment. Richard Duong West, T. V., Shelton, N. J., & Trail, T. E. (2009). Relational Anxiety in Interracial Interactions. Psychological Science, 29(3), 289-292. This article interpreted the anxiety levels of many college students during interracial interactions. I find this interesting and chose to read this article because of how similar some of the aspects mentioned in the article pertain to my life. As an Asian-American student at a very liberal college, there is still a lot of prejudice on campus, as can be seen in the writings in the bathroom stalls, the dominant southern theme in Greek life, and the overall actions I have seen by some groups of people on campus. Many of the results shown in the study mentioned in the article has proven to me that society still holds prejudice highly due to the undeniable anxiety levels still experienced between different races. In the study, many college students were placed in dorms where each couple was either the same ethnicity, or they were a mix of two different ethnicities; ethnicities that were tested were blacks, whites, and Latinos. These students were monitored on a daily basis and given surveys to observe the anxiety levels of both roommates and their interpersonal interactions. Based on results of this, I learned that a lot of future interactions between two people are not just based on the anxiety levels of one person, but both the partner and the respondent. In addition, these levels of anxiety are caused by the anxiety levels of the previous interactions-for example,
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psych 101 paper - On my honor I have neither given nor...

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