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Alec Rubenstein Chapter 5 Research paper Psych 101: Section 2 Alec Rubenstein Despite being legal, alcohol is the most dangerous drug because of its direct and indirect consequences that affect both users and non-users. Alcohol has many direct consequences that negatively impact the user’s physical and mental state in the short-run and long-run. Alcohol also indirectly affects non-users because the actions and decisions of impaired drinkers impact the lives of those around them. Adding to these problems is the fact that alcohol is the most prevalently practiced drug, especially among college students. According to author Wayne Weiten, Alcohol consumption causes mild euphoria, relaxation, anxiety reduction, and reduced inhibitions. As satisfying as these effects sound, alcohol also causes several negative short-term side effects including severely impaired coordination, decreased cognitive ability, increased urination, instable emotions, depression, quarrelsomeness, and an unpleasant hangover. These are only a few short-term side effects
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