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Jan 28 notes - Chinese Migrations and Exclusions I....

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Chinese Migrations and Exclusions I. Exclusion Acts a. Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 i. Excludes all Chinese laborers from entering U.S. ii. First to ban ppl based solely on their race or nationality iii. Exclusion paved way for exclusion of all other Asian groups 1. Japanese were next group a. Numbers increased after exclusion law passed b. Many filled jobs where Chinese migrants were found iv. Illegal immigration became a thriving transnational business 1. Chinese immigrants became country’s first illegal immigrants 2. Helped expand business that included: a. Immigrants b. Immigration Agents c. Professional Smugglers d. Corrupt immigration officials in U.S. i. Officials bribed e. Govt’ employees in U.S. and abroad 3. Steady trade emerged in selling fake or stolen documents a. Inspections at ports became more intense b. Canada and Mexico used to cross border into U.S. illegally i. Borders increasingly under scrutiny c. Pacific, atlantic, gulf seaports eventually used i. Sea routes included transnational cooperation among sea captins, immigration
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Jan 28 notes - Chinese Migrations and Exclusions I....

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