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Memory Paper - Alec Rubenstein Chapter 7 Research paper...

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Alec Rubenstein Chapter 7 Research paper: Memory Psych 101: Section 2 Alec Rubenstein People forget information for a variety of reasons. Because memory involves three processes, forgetting information can be caused from mistakes in encoding, storage, and the most common error, retrieval. But the four main causes of forgetting memories are ineffective coding, decay, interference, and retrieval failure. Ineffective coding happens when people don’t truly encode information during the encoding stage of memory retention. Since short term memory only lasts 10-20 seconds, all memories that don’t make it into long-term memory are lost very quickly. In addition, most people don’t encode information very well when trying to store information into their long-term memory. This is why much forgetting is caused at the first stage of memory retention, the encoding process. An example of this would be trying to remember a phone number. Usually
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