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Weakness of Trichromatic Theory – no mixtures of blue green or red yellow, can’t explain after images Contra means opposite, ippsa means same side Eyes – far side is processed by same part of eye, inside is processed by other eye Different schedules of reinformcement -Variable Ratio – not exactly the same time for reinforcement, but it depends on how many times the organism responds, Ex. On average, 3 rd time you eat a peanut you’ll get a dollar -Fixed Ratio – reinforcement after every fixed number of responses. Ex. Every 3 rd peanut you receive a dollar -scalloped slope for the line -Continuous – after every single peanut you receive a dollar -Variable Interval – don’t reinforce the organism every single time but reward after a certain time has passed -Fixed interval – how much time must pass before I give you a reward Encoding – processing information Semantic Encoding – encoding by meaning Phonemic Encoding – encoding by sound Positive vs Negative Reinforcement (try to increase behavior in some way)
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