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psyc exam - a Cognition teaches us we are not very good...

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Psyc Exam Annerexia, Schizophrenia, I. Chapter 1: History and Evolution of Psyc. a. Humanistic psych - Why things are there II. Chapter 2: Research in Psyc a. Understand that just because something appears to be there doesn’t matter it will always be there III. Biological Bases of Behavior IV. Sensation and Perception – sense of perception is subjective and selective V. States of Consciousness – altering states of consciousness; need to dream to stay sane VI. Learning – a. Observational learning b. Skinner’s operant learning VII. Skip chapter 7 VIII. Chapter 8 – Cognition and Intelligence
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Unformatted text preview: a. Cognition teaches us we are not very good teachers b. Intelligence tests measure only a very narrow band of intelligence IX. Motivation and Emotion a. Drive reduction – motivated to reduce tension b. Incentive theories – get what we want c. Evolutionary theories – primitive wish to survive and reproduce to pass on genes d. Violence, theft, sex X. Development – love XI. Chater 11: XII. Stress coping and health – playing house XIII. Psychological disorders – XIV. Treatment of Disorders XV. Social Psychology...
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