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Paper 4 - Eric Cohen Paper 4 After completing a personality...

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Eric Cohen Paper 4 4/12/09 After completing a personality test online, I came to realize what I already knew. My most prominent personality trait is extraversion. A person who is extroversive is relatively social, talkative, and enjoys the company of others. They may also be more outgoing towards people they are unfamiliar with. Personality traits are indicators of an individual’s behavior. For example, an extroversive person would be willing to walk up to a girl at a party and introduce them self. It would also make sense that this person was popular at school. On my big five test, I was in the 79 th percentile for the extraversion trait compared to their sample. The trait that least describes my personality according to the test is openness to experience. I was only in the 1 st percentile for the openness to experience trait. Although I may be more gregarious than most people, I lack in areas like creativity.
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