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Review Guide first test - kkk EXAM #1 PSYCHOLOGY 101 SPRING...

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kkk EXAM #1 – PSYCHOLOGY 101 – SPRING 2009 – REVIEW SHEET Hi, the review sheet is provided below. The exam will have between 50-60 multiple choice items. The exam is a mix of items from the text book and the notes. Any exercises or films shown in class are also fair game for the exam. Clare and Katy will have extra office hours and review sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday (we will email you the times on Tuesday). Please bring a picture ID to class, a number two pencil, and a scantron. PLEASE COME TO CLASS ON TIME! We will admit students in to the exam until one student has left. Then, we will NOT admit anyone into the exam. Chapter one – The Evolution of Psychology 1. Know the different schools of psychology (i.e., structuralists; functionalists, and positive) including the people associated with them. Structuralism- analyze consciousness in different elements. Structuarilsts used introspection (Tichtner and Wundt) Functionalism- investigate function or purpose of consciousness (William James) Psychoanalytic- thoughts and memories below the conscious that affects behavior (freud) 2. Know the different approaches” to psychology (e.g., behaviorism; psychodynamic; humanistic) including the people associated with them. Behvaiorism- study observable behavior. (John B. Watson) Humanism-unique equalities of humans especially their freedom and their potential for personal growth (Carl Rogers, Maslow) 3. Know the different areas of psychology (e.g., developmental psychology, clinical psychology, biological psychology, etc). Applied psychology- everyday practical problems Clinical psychology- diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems and disorders Evolutionary Psychology- examines behaviora process in terms of their adaptive value for members of a species over generations 4. What is a theory? A system of interrelated ideas used to explain a set of observations 5. What are the factors that comprise models of mental health? ?????????? 6. What is positive psychology? Positive-to understand the positive, adaptive, creative, and fulfilling aspects of human exsistence (Seligman) Chapter two – The Research Enterprise in Psychology 1. Know these terms: hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, experimental and control group, confounding variable, operational definition, quasi-experimental design, random sample and random assignment, outliers, population, sample and how to apply them. Hypothesis-tentative statement about the relationship btw variables
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Review Guide first test - kkk EXAM #1 PSYCHOLOGY 101 SPRING...

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