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Essay Study Guide - Midterm 1 - RELI 106, FALL 2011 STUDY...

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RELI 106, FALL 2011 STUDY ESSAY QUESTIONS FOR MID-TERM EXAMINATION I Note: Mid-Term Exam I covers the material from the beginning of the semester up to the Seleucid conquest of Palestine in 198 B.C.E. (in other words, it includes the Ptolemaic period but not the Seleucid period). 1) What are the biases of the writers/editors of the Hebrew Bible and how are they expressed in the biblical text? The writers of the Hebrew Bible are generally seen as being pro-Judah and anti-Israel. From this bias we can extrapolate many things. First, we know that because they are pro- Jerusalem that they are centralists, meaning they believed there could be only one temple to the God of Israel and therefore power needed to reside in Jerusalem. Second, the writers are exclusive Yahwists, which means they worshipped only one God as opposed to the Israelites who were inclusive Yahwists, worshiping other gods, but holding God the highest. 2) Who was Ezra and who was Nehemiah, and what did they accomplish in Jerusalem? Why did Ezra oppose intermarriage? After the Persians conquered Jerusalem, they mandated that the Jews follow Jewish law. Ezra came from Persia as a scribe skilled in the Law of Moses and begins enforcing strict adherence to the laws. He made intermarriage amongst the Jews a central issue, ordering those married to non-Jewish wives to divorce in order to insure purity in the bloodline. Nehemiah served as the governor of Yahod and is credited with rebuilding the district
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Essay Study Guide - Midterm 1 - RELI 106, FALL 2011 STUDY...

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