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Thought Paper 5

Thought Paper 5 - Dylan Green JWST106.608 m 1 W x1 ”a...

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Unformatted text preview: Dylan Green JWST106.608 m 1.. W / x1». / ”a. mu ..7 figs” max In modern culture the apocalypse may come in one of many forms, depending on which movie one watches. The “end of the world as we know it” movies hold very little in common with the views of the apocalypse as seen in early Judaism. Through examination of the Book of {15,-4- / film-Ar, .x/rl- -~-- . . a" / . -' . . . . . . . Dan1el and RevelatuEnsé one'can v1ew the obv10us d1ss1m1lar1t1es between the B1ble and \h_ . Hollywood, but more importantly the commonalities and disparities between biblical accounts become apparent. Both Daniel and Revelation depict all End of_/Days that comes not from acts of nature or asteroids, but from horrific beasts. Though the books differ on the number of beasts, they similarly mention a ten-homed animal. According to the writers the ten-homs metaphorically represent ten kings and kingdoms. Here, however, the accounts differ as Revelation-claims that the ten horns unite in unison against God whereas Daniel asserts, “another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first. .. And he shall speak great words against the most High” (Daniel 7:24-25). The details of these narratives can easily distract the reader from what the writers attempt to actually inform us. The message they write seeks to portray the downfall of the lrL - l_-3_arth coming as a result of the wickedness of man (the ten kings) and its creations (the woman a“ K— _ representing Babylon) rather than an “Act of God.” When this time comes, so the authors describe, the Lord will conquer the beast and separate mankind into those worthy of salvation and those not worthy. 1 (— Though commonly a theme of disaster films, the_Biblical representation of the apocalypse does not say the demise of humans will come from a natural disaster. Instead, these narratives, using similar imagery, state that mankind’s end will come as a result of its own devices and only after challenging God will He turn wrathful. ...
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