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RECITATION THOUGHT PAPER 1: “THE HEBREW BIBLE AND ITS WRITERS” In pursuing a historical study of a subject, one of the first critical moves a scholar must make is to address his/her source, asking of it simple questions such as “Who wrote it?, Why did they write it?, What is the setting/occasion of the writing?, and For whom was it intended?” As a student and burgeoning scholar, you must take stock of your historical source before you begin to probe and prod at with a different set of questions; otherwise, you may find that you are approaching your text in a manner that may lead you astray in your studies. For example, you would approach news differently dependent upon your source (Onyen v. NBC). Likewise, a study of your sources and their writers will instruct you on how you should interact with them. For your second Thought Paper, then, you are going to apply your tools as a critical scholar and ask one of these questions of the Pentateuch: who wrote it and what can we say of
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Unformatted text preview: them? Reading Assignment: 1. First, read Michael Coogan’s chapter on the “Documentary Hypothesis” (provided on Blackboard), paying attention to the characteristic that distinguish the hypothesized documents J, E, D, P. 2. Then, read the creation narratives in Genesis 1-2. Thought Paper : Write a one-page Thought Paper in which you… 1. Identify the writers of the creation stories in Genesis 1-2 2. Defend your identification of the authors of the stories through a combination of evidence from the primary text (Genesis 1-2) and the characteristics of the various authors/documents outlined by Coogan (70-80% of your paper should focus on this) 3. Briefly consider the significance of the authorship (no more than 1-2 sentences) Remember to be concise! And do not forget to consult your Thought Paper Guidelines! * BRING A BIBLE TO YOUR RECITATION*...
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