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Thought Paper Assign 06

Thought Paper Assign 06 - immeasurably reshaped the field...

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RECITATION THOUGHT PAPER 6: THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS One of the greatest archaeological finds in the 20 th century was the discovery of a group of scrolls, several no more than mere scraps, in caves along the northern section of the Dead Sea. Although scholars had previously had access to traditions concerning Early Judaism, they were texts handed down, interpreted, and interpolated over the course of 2000 years. Saying anything about Early Judaism involved unraveling all of the history that had accumulated around those texts. The Dead Sea Scrolls, a corpus of texts literally frozen in time, provided scholars for the first time with an open window into both Early Judaism and one of its sects. The scrolls, which largely date from the 2 nd century BCE to the 1 st century CE., span the latter half of Early Second Temple Judaism and have allowed us to see how a particular Jewish group received scripture, interpreted it, and created their own. This discovery has
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Unformatted text preview: immeasurably reshaped the field. In the following assignment, you will reap the benefits of this discovery, digging into the past and exploring the scrolls yourself to see what you can discover of the people and the community that produced them. 1. Skim VanderKam, pp. 150-166 to get a background in the Dead Sea Scrolls Reading Assignment: Note: You will be re-reading this for lecture on October 24. You should just skim it now so you will have some background. 2. Read the provided scrolls on Blackboard: Habakkuk Pesher, Community Rule 7-9, and War Scroll 1-4. Choose Thought Paper: ONE 1. Show how the text that you have selected reflects the world view of the Qumran sect (50%) of the three scroll files provided on Blackboard and write a one-page Thought Paper in which you… 2. Consider how these ideas relate to Early Judaism as we have discussed it in class thus far (50%) *PLEASE PRINT OUT AND BRING THE SCROLL FILES TO CLASS*...
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