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RECITATION THOUGHT PAPER 7: PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA As you have seen throughout this semester, what we know of Second Temple Judaism has been preserved in a wide-range of sources, from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Josephus. This week, we will be focusing on another major source on early Judaism: Philo of Alexandria. As you can guess from the locale attached to his name, he was a member of the diaspora community. For us, he provides an interesting case study on how some of the leaders of Judaism outside of the land interacted with the Greco-Roman world around them and how they dealt with living a Jewish lifestyle in a foreign land. 1. Read VanderKam, pp. 138-142 to learn about Philo and his historical context. Reading Assignment: 2. Read the excerpt from Winston’s Philo of Alexandria: The Contemplative Life, the Giants, and Selections available on Blackboard Note: Both this and the next handout are
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Unformatted text preview: selections from Philo: they are not a single work. 3. Read the handout on Philo’s use of the Logos available on Blackboard 4. Read John 1:1-18 (appended to #3 above) This week, you have an option of what to do for your Thought Paper. Choose one of the following and write a one-page Thought Paper. Thought Paper: Option 1: Philo and Allegory 1. Briefly describe Philo’s allegorical method (50%) Allegory 2. Evaluate how he applied it to the reading of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament (50%) : use of symbols/figures to portray some deeper truth Option 2: Philo, John, and the Logos 1. Briefly describe Philo’s understanding of the Logos (“Word”) 2. How is his understanding of the Logos similar or different from John’s use of Logos in his description of Jesus? *PLEASE PRINT OUT AND BRING THESE READINGS TO CLASS*...
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