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RECITATION THOUGHT PAPER 8: MESSIANIC MOVEMENTS Messiah and christ – whatever your background, you have probably encountered these words at some point in your life. They are words from different languages (Hebrew and Greek) that refer to the same concept, “the anointed one.” Originally, in the Hebrew Bible, messiah did not express any eschatological hope (hopes concerning the end times); rather, they were terms applied to those in leadership positions in the Jewish community, specifically to the king and the high priest, who were anointed with oil when they assumed their offices and so set apart to their positions of authority (e.g., see the anointing of Saul in 1 Sam 10:1 and David in 16:3). During the Second Temple Period, the terms somehow became attached to a hope for the restoration of the Davidic line through a messianic king according to the promise of 2 Samuel 7:16. That said, Judaism was characterized by little unity on the matter of a messianism: depending on the group you asked, their interpretation could vary greatly. For
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