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HW 5 Solutions

HW 5 Solutions - Turkey Cutlet Homework Solution 25 points...

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Turkey Cutlet Homework Solution 25 points written work + 15 points computer work Recall TurkeyCo’s cutlet specifications: Cutlet A sells for $4.00 per pound and must consist of at least 80% white meat, and at least 10% dark meat. Cutlet B sells for $3.00 per pound and must consist of at least 60% white meat, but no more than 70% white meat. Cutlet C sells for $2.50 per pound and may have up to 60% dark meat. At most 5,000 pounds of Cutlet A, 4,000 pounds of Cutlet B, and 3,000 pounds of Cutlet C can be sold. Everything is the same as the in-class problem, except in the current setup TurkeyCo has no meat in storage. To get white and dark meat, they have to purchase whole turkeys from the GobbleGobble Turkey Farm. There are two types of turkey on sale: Each turkey of type 1 costs $10, and yields 5 lbs of white and 2 lbs of dark meat. Each turkey of type 2 costs $8, and yields 3 lbs of white and 3 lbs of dark meat. 1. (15 points) Formulate an LP to determine the production plan that maximizes profit for TurkeyCo.
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