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Audience - attitudes and behaviors o Subliminal messages...

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Audience Cater to culture – independent vs. interdependent o Culture and ads Made ads for same prduct Ads stressed either independence (its easy when you have the right shoes) or interdependence (the shoes for the family) Shown to American and Koreans Americans preferred independence and Koreans interdependence Ad is more influential when it caters to specific culture Do fear appeals work? o Emphasize harmful physical or social consequences of failing to comply with message o Fear Appeals (1967) Smokers placed in 3 conditions: Given pamphlet about how to stop smoking Saw graphic film about lung cancer Given pamphlet and saw film Fear + info + self-efficacy = change 4 problems to consider They must not induce too much fear They must increase the target’s perceived vulnerability They must suggest a clear path to prevention (response-efficacy) They must suggest easy enactment of the prevention behavior (self-efficacy) So subliminal message work? o Words or images not consciously perceived but which might influence peoples’
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Unformatted text preview: attitudes and behaviors o Subliminal messages can be influential but only in controlled lab experiments – subliminal messages don’t appear to work when encountered in ever day life o Effects are short-lived o Only affect ppl in complementary state – priming “lipton ice tea” will only affect thirsty participants who like iced tea • Resisting persuasion o Attitude inoculation – a vaccine shot to resist persuasion, ppl can better rest a persuasive communication if they’ve been exposed to mild persuasive attempts before receiving the actual message o Be aware – increase controlled thinking to pick up on cues that are trying to “get you” o Avoid reactance – if ppl feel that their freedom to perform a certain behavior in inhibited they may actually be more likely to perform the prohibited behavior Interpersonal attraction – why are we drawn to other people?...
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Audience - attitudes and behaviors o Subliminal messages...

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