Causes and Maintenance of prejudice

Causes and Maintenance of prejudice - White images of beauty

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Causes and Maintenance of prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes o What causes prejudice? Nature vs. Nurture Nature: o Social dominance orientation – the mentality that some groups are simply inferior to others o Economic competition Realistic conflict theory – limited resources lead to conflict among groups and result in prejudice and discrimination (threat of migrant workers) Robber’s cave study Eagles vs. Rattlers Stage 1: cohesion building activities Stage 2: competitions Stage 3: resources as source of conflict Nurture o Learning: Classical conditioning Operant conditioning Social learning Role modeling Clark’s Doll studies – kids were learning the associations b/w what was good and bad and this was exhibited in their doll preference o Acting within societal norms – discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes are the norm (racism, sexism) unknowing development of prejudice attitudes
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Unformatted text preview: White images of beauty Institutionalized ism: built into legal, political, social and economic institutions are subtle and unintentional Ex: war on drugs, restrictive maternity leave policies o How are stereotypes formed? Social Identity theory: seek to enhance self-esteem by identifying with specific social groups In order for self-enhancement to occur, we must perceive that our own social groups are superior to others Tajfels Minimal group paradigm o Created trivial groups: X or W Klee or Kandisky style Over estimators or under estimators o Results: just putting ppl into different groups resulted in higher ratings of ones ingroup likeability, higher rewards toward group, and take less money to benefit in-group and beat out group o Social categorization classification of ppl into groups on the basis of common attributes...
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Causes and Maintenance of prejudice - White images of beauty

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