Conclusion1 - Social identities roles o Evaluations o...

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Conclusions o We are all scientists – we want to know why ppl behave the way they do o Although not perfectly rational, we often engage in attributional biases because they are cognitively efficient o When it comes to explaining our own behavior, we do so in ways that protect, or even enhance, our self-esteem The self and self-concept What is the self and what is it for? o Who am I? I am strong I am independent I am female I am a daughter I am a friend I am a student I am an employee I am an only child I am brunette o You are your own book Self-concept: the known, me A collection of beliefs about who you are o Traits o Likes/dislikes o Wishes/hopes o
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Unformatted text preview: Social identities, roles o Evaluations o Emotional states • Cultural differences in the self o Independent self – view self more individualistically and separate from others Western cultures o Interdependent self – much more overlap b/w self and others • Other differences o Developmental: concrete abstract o Gender differences Relational interdependence vs. collective interdependence • Females are more relationally interdependent, how they relate to family, friends, significant others • Males are more collectively interdependent in that they tend to identify themselves by their role in society...
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Conclusion1 - Social identities roles o Evaluations o...

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