Controlled - Controlled Conscious,intentional voluntary...

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Controlled Conscious ,intentional, voluntary, effortful Types Controlled unbelieving o Controlled thought process of unbelieving something o Combo of automatic and controlled o Process Initial acceptance of info (Automatic) Assess truthfulness of accepted beliefs (Controlled) Unaccept if necessary (Controlled) Counterfactual thinking o Imagining alternative scenarios in which an outcome is changed o 2 types Upward Thinking about things that are better than reality Good for future preparation Downward Thinking about things that are worse than reality Good for affective regulation (regulating emotions) o “what if…” o Stronger emotional reaction if the alternative scenario is easy to imagine I just BARELY passed that class – lets celebrate vs. I passed that class with an 80% yay” Sorry, you just missed the last bus of the day. It left 2 mins ago Silver medal winners are less happy than bronze medal winners Thought suppression
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Controlled - Controlled Conscious,intentional voluntary...

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