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Display rules – norms that regulate the appropriate expression of emotion o Ifaluk severely restrict expressions of happiness because they believe this emotion leads people to neglect duties o Japanese emphasize suppression of negative emotions in public Detecting deception (nonverbal as an automatic vs. controlled process) Microexpressions – fleeting facial expressions/voice shifts Interchannel discrepancies – mismatch between channels of communication (verbal and nonverbal fluidity) Nonverbal aspects of speech – Elevated pitch, speech hesitations Eye contact- introvert: less extrovert: more Attribution theories – answering why is certain situations o Attribution theory – how people explain the causes of their own and other ppl’s behavior (often automatic and implicit) 2 types Internal attribution: dispositional External attribution: situational Ex: Sylvia fails a test at school o Internal: She didn’t study o External: The test was unfair
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  • Fall '08
  • TraceyCallison
  • Fundamental Attribution Error, severely restrict expressions, fleeting facial expressions/voice, Japanese emphasize suppression

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