Experiencing prejudice

Experiencing prejudice - o Non-diagnostic – still in the...

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Experiencing prejudice o Clark’s dolls studies Children age 6-9 Both black and white children from the south and north Asked children to show the doll that… They liked best/ doll you would like to play with Is the nice doll Looks bad Which one is white/black Looks like you Implications for self-esteem development Today the effect is not replicated o Stereotype threat – Claude Steele Apprehension experienced by members of groups that their behavior might confirm a cultural stereotype in a particular domain Apprehension “choke” Features Can affect any group Stereotype must be self-relevant Threat is variable across different groups and situation Don’t need to believe stereotype Trying to disprove stereotype leads to decrease in performance o Studies Study 1 P’s” black and white undergrads IV: diagnostic vs. non-diagnostic test of intelligence o Diagnostic – genuine test of verbal abilities and limitations
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Unformatted text preview: o Non-diagnostic – still in the works, doing some research • DV: performance on test • Hypothesis: individuals would feel pressure to disconfirm negative stereotype • Conclusion: results consistent with stereotype threat Study 4 • Focused on stereotype salience • P;s” black and white undergrads • Procedure and DV: same as non-diagnostic condition from study 1 • IV: check race or not • Conclusion: asking blacks to indicate their race before taking a test cause them to get fewer items correct, answer fewer items, spend more time on questions, feel significantly more anxiety Findings have been replicated with women and math, white men vs. Asians, dumb blondes o Reducing stereotype threat in academics Tell students they have the ability to meet high standards Ask demographic questions at the end of tests...
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Experiencing prejudice - o Non-diagnostic – still in the...

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