Jan 22 Class Notes

Jan 22 Class Notes - *= important point 1/23/08 AA...

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**= important point 1/23/08 AA Transnational Communities Class Notes - Origins of Asian migration in U.S. o much of work done in AA history has treated immigrants in traditional narrative (likened to European immigration) o Asians come to U.S. in search of ‘American Dream’ - **running parallel to immigrant story is history of Asian migration to united states as history of labor migration o labor migration recruited/desired in U.S. because of labor demands perception that Asians provide cheap labor - Presence of AA in U.S. raises anxiety about protection of o National borders o National identities o Meaning of national citizenship - Part of broader migration in mid 19 th to late 19 th century o Movement form undeveloped economic regions to fit labor demands of other more developed regions – immigrants moving all over the world India, China = less developed U.S. New Zealand Australia = greater developed - Immigration connected to global economies o Globalization Pace in modern times faster AA part of globalized economy - Sources of Immigrant labor pool and regions drawn, sectors of economy o Always shift according to demands of capitalist developers American West in mid to late 19 th century Developed for lumber, mines, etc. Asian men recruited to region for their labor
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Jan 22 Class Notes - *= important point 1/23/08 AA...

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