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Gilbert - think we are unique • Donation money achieving...

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o Gilbert (1991) Dual-Process Model of Attributions o Dispositional inference (automatic) o Correct for situational factors (conscious) We will engage in the second step of attributional processing if we… Consciously slow down and think carefully before reaching a judgment Are motivated to reach as accurate a judgment as possible or, Are suspicious about the behavior of the target person Controlled unbelieving o Initial acceptance of info o Access of truthfulness of accepted beliefs o Unaccept if necessary o Snuggie as example o Self-serving attributions Internal attribution for successes External attribution for failures False consensus effect – exaggerate how common our own behavior and opinions are Smokers overestimate the # of other smokers in the population Why? o Makes us feel good o Our opinions and beliefs are salient to us o We seek out others who are similar to us False uniqueness effect – if we are doing something very good, we tend to
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Unformatted text preview: think we are unique • Donation money, achieving honors Egocentric bias – we exaggerate our own contributions to shared activities • When husbands and wives estimated how often each did the chores, their % added up to more than 100% o Defensive attributions – explanations for behavior/outcomes that avoid feelings of vulnerability Unrealistic optimism – good things more likely for self than others • College students//future • Heroin users//likelihood of overdosing • Gamblers//winning the lottery • Motorcyclists// likelihood of injury • Abused women//risk they take returning to live with abuser Belief in a just world – bad things happen to bad ppl and good things happen to good ppl • The belief in a just world can lead to blaming the victim for his or her misfortunes. This keeps anxious thought about one’s own safety at bay/ • That would never happen to me...
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Gilbert - think we are unique • Donation money achieving...

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