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Normative social influence

Normative social influence - o Normative social influence...

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o Normative social influence – occurs when we conform in order to be liked and accepted by others In milgram’s obedience studies it’s difficult to say no Social norms – rules for acceptable or expected behavior that are socially enforced (rules of social behavior) Local norms – arise in the immediate situation Global norms – pervade a social or cultural context General societal expectations, expectations of ppl that we value, our own expectations, standards developed out of observations of others Ex: evolution of G.I Joe Norms exert greatest influence when conditions are ambiguous, when the source is similar, concerned about relationship with source The most salient norm will have the greatest impact on behavior Asch Line studies How will people react in an unambiguous situation Practice trials, everyone agrees 3 rd trial, confederates choose obviously wrong line 76% gave at least 1 wrong answer Only 24% never conformed
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