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Positive emotions build

Positive emotions build - o Positive emotions build...

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o Positive emotions build Loving-kindness meditation (positive emotion induction) Positive emotions result in reduced illness symptoms, savoring of positive exp, hope in goal achievement, mindfulness, and relationship quality which lead to greater overall life satisfaction Pollyanna and how much is enough? How many positive emotions are needed to counteract one negative emotion (first number is positive, and the second is the negative) 3:1 in overall well-being &;1 in healthy relationships 5:1 in profitable workplace Resilience 9/11 o Those who were more resilient predicted better coping Coping with health requires recognition of negative as well Conclusion o New field – a lot of research is growing, being refined o Critics o Description instead of prescription Description of what human state is not a prescription of what you should do o Future? Researchers say they want to see positive psyc integrated with current field
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