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Reciprocity - character were predictors Why does it lead to...

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o Reciprocity Just knowing that someone else likes us fuels our attraction to the person Reciprocity and self-fulfilling prophecies Stranger pairs interact IV: partner-liking info vs. partner disliking info Interacted again (enter self-fulfilling prophechy) DV: which pairs liked each other best? Results: those give info that their partner liked them o Secrecy “The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it” 2 pairs/session while playing card game 1 in each pair is a confederate IV: no contract, secret footsie, non-secret footsie DV: attraction for partner Those playing footsie liked each other better o Physical attractiveness Dance dates study Computer randomly matched students for an orientation week dance Physical attractiveness emerged as only strongpredictor of pursuing a 2 nd date Not intelligence and personality, sincerity no sensitivity humor nor
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Unformatted text preview: character were predictors Why does it lead to liking? • Cognitive explanations o Halo effect – beautiful is good stereotype, beautiful are thought to be more sexual, happy, assertive, sociable o Self-fulfilling prophecy When men thought that the women they were talking to over the phone was attractive, they acted more warmly to her This resulted in her actin more warm, confident, and animated o Assumptions about attractive ppl Highly attractive people do develop good social interaction skills and report having more satisfying interactions with other. This involves a sel-fulfilling prophecy: the beautiful, from a young age, receive a great deal of social attention • Evolutionary explanations o Beauty denotes fertility/good genes What is it really?...
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