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Reducing prejudice

Reducing prejudice - Negative bias – bad is stronger than...

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Reducing prejudice o Allport’s Contact Theory Mere contact – expose ppl to each other and prejudice will be reduced Mutual interdependence Common goal Equal status Informal interpersonal contact Multiple contacts Social norms o The Jigsaw Classroom Groups are divers in gender, ethnicity, race, ability The day’s lesson is divided into 5-6 segments Each student learns one segment Each student presents his or her segment to the group The teacher floats from group to group observing the process Positive psychology History of positive psyc o Martin Seligman put dogs in a cage = discovered learned helplessness, dog would be shocked continuously, eventually learned that to no matter what he did he would get shocked o Seligman began exploring happiness o Why has psyc focuses on the bad? Compassion – we want to help those in need Pragmatic and historic – post [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: Negative bias – bad is stronger than good • What is positive psyc? o Positive psyc is the study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing or optimal functioning of people, groups, and institution o What makes life worth living o Subjects = healthy population o Research topics – contentment, well-being, optimism, human strengths, positive emotions o Positive emotions = happiness, joy, gratitude, love o Flow – optimal state of functioning • Other findings related to positive psyc o Hugs lower blood pressure o Laughing rats – rats laugh at ultrasonic levels when tickled behind the neck – its an evolutionary trait to laugh and feel good o Predicting divorce – based on observing couples interactions, verbal and non-verbal cues predict whether couples divorce in next 5 yrs with 90% accuracy...
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